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2009 Middle School Tournament Entries


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                                                                                     2009 FALL MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURNAMENT

                                                                                                      NOV. 13, 14 15


Listed below is the starting time of each person's first match.  Due to the large amount of entries we have had to schedule matches at two clubs.  On Friday some of you may be playing at Louisville Tennis Club at 2011 Herr Lane.  Beside the time will be LTC for Louisville Tennis Club or BL for Blairwood.  All times are for Friday evening unless a different day is indicated.  Players need to be prepared to play more than one match a day.  Please arrive 15 minutes before match time.

See you at the tournament.

Email if you have any questions.  If a rating level is not correct please email at once.


Breck Robinson  Meyzeek 6:00 LTC

Neill Abel  North Oldham  6:00 LTC

Brianna Coy   Crosby  6:00  LTC

Nicholas Mitchell  6:00  LTC

Sabrina Lindsey Noe 6.00 LTC

Grant Pillsbury  2:45 Saturday  BL

Austin Taasaas   6:00  LTC




Hailey Simpson North Oldham 4:30  BL

Madison Ottman  North Oldham 6:00 LTC

Brian Whitehouse  Noe  7:00 LTC

Parker Root East Oldham 4:30  BL

Campbell Seiler  Meyzeek  7:00  LTC

Hannah Walker  South Oldham  4:30  BL

Erin Waggoner Crosby  6:45  LTC

Nick Nelson  Crosby  6:45 LTC

Jack Grossman  Meyzeek  6:45 LTC

Matthew Wilhite Christian Academy 6:45  LTC

Raymond Palazzo  Meyzeek.   6:00 LTC

McKensie Shircliff  South Oldham   6:45 LTC

Michaela Greason  Oldham Co.   7:00 LTC

Matthew Shewmaker  Anchorage   6:45 LTC

John Purnell  Barrett   4:30  BL

Harry Sweeney  Highlands Latin  7:00  LTC

Veeresh Rai  3:15  Saturday  BL



Sarah Stearman  Meyzeek 5:30 BL

Nick Presler  Kammerer  4:30  BL

Sam Clinard  Meyzeek 5:15 BL

Jennifer Lin  South Oldham  6:00 BL

Ankit Madhira  Meyzeek  4:30 BL

Micah Brown  Christian Academy 5:15 BL

Spencer Root East Oldham  4:30  BL

Casey Simon     Highland  6:45 BL

Alyson Marrs  Crosby 5:30 BL

Olivia Holt  Crosby 4:30 BL

Lynn Ogawa  Noe 6:00 BL

Chase Karlen  Crosby 5:15 BL

Alex Gudgel  Kammerer 5:15 BL

Matthew Purnell  Barrett   4:30  BL

Mark "Clayton" Oppenheimen  Meyzeek   6:45 BL

John Daniel  Crosby    5:30 BL

Jack (John) Stone   North Oldham 7:30 BL

Ray Block  JCTMS  4:30  BL

Anthony Swan  JCTMS 5:30 BL

C.J. Jennings  Kammerer 7:30 BL

Logan Nofsinger  Kammerer 5:15 BL

Shun Sagara  North Oldham 5:15 BL



Morgan McKinley  North Oldham 6:00 BL

Christopher Miller  Kammerer 8:15 BL

Jack Dillon  Norton 6:30 BL

Brenton Wolford  Noe 6:00 BL

Zachary Kelly  Anchorage 6:00 BL

Yesero "Essie" Bartlett  Highland 6:30 BL

Sam Rose Kammerer 7:30 BL

Thomas Neuteufel  Noe   7:30 BL

Ben Hoffman  Oldham Co.   6:30 BL

Wesley White  East Oldham   6:00 BL

Charles Crawford  6:30 BL


Laura Edkins  Crosby  7:30  LTC

Dan Cobourn  Noe  7:30  LTC

Jesse Shelburne  Noe  7:30  LTC

 Wesley Tolsdorf  South Oldham  7:30  LTC

Dino Selimovic   Highland  7:30  LTC


Jacob Romans   JCTMS 7:30 LTC

 Hayden Whitelaw  7:30  LTC

Christopher Roussell   7:30 LTC


1.5 Doubles

Josh Cook  & Cameron Farmer  Crosby 1:45 Saturday BL

Brianna Coy & Jaclyn Hartnett   Crosby  1:45 Saturday BL

Abby Johnstone & Cassidy Daugherty    6:00 LTC 

David Kim & Ben Christensen  JCTMS  6:00 LTC  


2.0 Doubles These will play best of two matches.  If they split sets winner will be decided with a tiebreak. 

Madison Ottman & Hailey Simpson  1:00 Saturday and 12:00 Sunday  BL

Harry Sweeney  &  Chase Karlen   1:00 Saturday  12:00 Sunday  BL


2.5 Doubles

Kate Cobourn  & Cara Burch  Noe  7:30  LTC Friday

Armen Hartoonian  & Sam Huff    Crosby  7:30  LTC Friday

Olivia Holt & Erin Wagner  Crosby 1:45 Saturday BL

Anastacia Cole (Noe) & Michelle Cole (Crosby)  1:45 Saturday BL


3.0 Doubles  Round Robin

Ryan Cornett & Nick Stone  Christian Academy

Sam Rose & Nick Pressler Kammerer

Jack Dillon & Christopher Miller  Kammerer

Rose/Pressler versus Cornett/Stone  1:00 Saturday BL

Dillon/Miller versus Cornett/Stone  6:15 Saturday BL

Rose/Pressler  versus Dillon/Miller  11:30 Sunday BL.




3.5 Doubles This will be a round robin

Laura Edkins & Michael Lewis   Crosby

Dan Cobourn  & Jesse Shelburne   Noe

Hayden Whitelaw & David Kline  North Oldham

Shelburne/Cobourn versus Edkins/Lewis  1:00 Saturday BL

Kline/Whitelaw versus Cobourn/Sherlburn 5:30 Saturday BL

Edkins/Lewis versus Whitelaw/Kline  10:45 Sunday BL