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Adult 18 and Over Kentucky District Winners from Louisville

                              2.5 W  Courtney Burnes Team

                              3.0 W  Justine Powers Team

                              4.5 W  Susan Florence Team

                              4.5 M  Keith Philpot Team

                              5.0 W   Allison Scanlan Team


Adult 40 & Over District July 10-12 in Louisville, KY

Summer Clinic Tournament will take place on 7/11 at Tyler Park.

Junior Team Tennis District 7/18

Farnsley Moreman Play Day will be on 7/24 from 1-2 pm.

Adult 18 & Over Sectional July 24-26 at Mobile, AL

Tri-Level District August 14-16 Paducah, Ky

Mixed Doubles District September 11-13 Murray, KY

Adult 55 & Over District October 2-4

Combo Doubles District October 23-25 Lexington, KY


The USTA League iPhone application has been approved and is live in the App Store. Download it on your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch today! Please share with your coordinators, captains and players.
The USTA League iPhone application gets you in the game like never before. It allows you to track, measure and improve your league and your team at your convenience—with everything you need right at your fingertips.
Get the most out of your USTA League experience today by simplifying and maximizing the way you communicate with teammates and organize matches.Features of the new application include the ability to:
  • View league schedules
  • Track rosters and records
  • Research statistics and standings
  • Get directions to your next match
  • Find an NTRP rating
  • Report a score from any league match
Here are a few League IPhone App FAQs. I hope you find this helpful.
Will this app be available for the Blackberry or Android?
Right now the app is only for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but, we will continue to evaluate the mobile needs for USTA League players.Where can I download the new Leagues app?
The League app is available in the App Store on ITunesIf I input my match scores on the app will it show up in TennisLink?
Yes, the app works in conjunction with the online version of TennisLink
If I’m a captain do I have to use the Leagues app?
No, you can go online to access TennisLink just as you have before.
Can I register for a team using the League app?
No, you will need to go online to TennisLink to register.Where is all my past historical match data?
The app only displays the last year, current year and upcoming year early start play. All historical data can still be found online.